Bioactivity, our Gold Standard

The whole process of obtaining our oil, from beginning to end, aims to preserve bioactivity.

At BrudyTechnology we manufacture a DHA that is


- Clean (no contaminants)

- Fresh (without rancidity)

- Pure (concentrated in DHA)

- Triglyceride (high absorption)


cell tested


Our manufacturing system, based on enzymatic re-esterification and fruit of more than 10 years of research in collaboration with the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biomedicine of the University of Barcelona and various other Universities, allows us to preserve the natural structure of DHA and optimise its intestinal absorption to form triglyceride, the physiological form of DHA to which people are accustomed since it is in its natural state.

The enzymatic re-esterification process of BrudyTechnology does not alter the CIS structure of the double bonds of the DHA molecule, which are what give it its bioactivity and therefore its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Our entire process of obtaining Algatrium®, from start to finish, aims to preserve BIOACTIVITY.


Bioactivity Cell Test

The cell measurement of the antioxidant capacity of the DHA is the one that allows us indirectly the assessment of the integrity of the double CIS bonds.

The better these double bonds have been preserved, the greater the antioxidant capacity of DHA is, and therefore the greater its bioactivity at both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory levels.

Thus, over the years, we have been able to adjust the obtaining of our molecule, Tridocosahexaenoin-AOX ®, to preserve the bioactivity of DHA. Each change made in the process has been tested at cellular level and rectified until the conservation of the bioactivity has been optimised.


DHA versus DHA

As shown in the graph, bioactivity is not related to the DHA concentration, but to the preservation of the DHA molecule, which is only achieved by adjusting the obtaining process from start to finish, from the oil extraction on the high seas until the packaging of the final product.

The antioxidant power of our DHA molecule is much higher than that of natural substances traditionally used for their antioxidant properties, as shown in the comparative chart of antioxidant power at the cellular level of various natural substances against that of Tridocosahexaenoin-AOX®.


Comparative DHA antioxidants