Synthesis Brudy

Our patented process of enzymatic synthesis mimics the most readily available human form of DHA, the triglyceride with high concentration of DHA at the SN-2 central position, as found in breast milk.

mujer dando pecho

After eliminating Omega-6, cholesterol, phytanic acid and other Omega-3 from fish oil, we concentrate on DHA in an optimized process that retains the bioactive properties of the double bonds of the DHA molecule to form the pure triglyceride of DHA.


Oil synthesis


We perform the enzymatic synthesis of the triglyceride without heating the oil or subjecting it to extreme pH, as occurs with molecular distillation. We also do not use chromatographic columns with acidic stationary phase, which alter the double bonds.

The high quality of the oil of origin, obtained at high seas, and the respectful process with which we treat this oil until obtaining our DHA triglyceride 70% enzymatic, allow us to preserve the integrity of the double bonds of the original DHA molecule, so that we do not alter its CIS isomerism.

On the other hand, the use of fish oil mainly from small fish, which does not accumulate contaminants, and the processing in the high seas that minimizes the rancidity, avoid the additional distillations of cleaning, which always imply a loss of bioactivity.

Once processed, we stabilize the oil with a mixture of natural tocopherols that ensure the preservation of the oil in perfect conditions with a shelf life of 2 years.

This triglyceride, once ingested, is absorbed at the intestinal level while retaining the second SN-2 position intact, and is subsequently transformed in the liver to phospholipid, to be incorporated into the cell membranes.

It is from the cell membrane where the DHA exerts its indirect antioxidant action, since the cell protects this DHA in membrane increasing its synthesis of glutathione, the great antioxidant of the mammal, between 200 and 300%.



Phospolipid conversion