Our History

BrudyTechnology is a biotech company located in Barcelona, with 100% Spanish capital, dedicated to the research, manufacture and commercialization of molecules derived from the Omega-3, specifically the DHA, with the aim of achieving maximum bioactivity.

We are the only company in the world that biologically guarantees, through a cellular test, that our DHA preserves the maximum bioactivity.

The origins of BrudyTechnology go back to 1995 when, in association with the American company, Omegatech, we began  to incorporate Omega-3 fatty acids in food products, such as eggs, sausages and industrial confectionery in Europe. In 1997, we received the  innovative European Product Award, with eggs enriched with Omega-3. During this period, our sales soared to over  60M € / year in Spain, Portugal and France.


From the food market, we made the leap to the Nutraceutical market, with production of the first European oils rich in DHA. Initially, our brand, Algatrium ®, was derived from  the oil of Alga Schizochitrium, hence the name.  However, Alga Schizochitrium  was subsequently replaced with oil extracted from fish and in 2008 we were awarded the prestigious Health Ingredients Award Europe 2008.


With an investment of more than 10 million Euros of 100% Spanish capital, we have earned three patents for the use of concentrated triglyceride in DHA worldwide.


At BrudyTechnology we are not satisfied that our triglyceride concentrated in DHA (Tridocosahexaenonoin-AOX®) meets the most demanding and strict international quality standards on Omega-3, but going a step further, we demand that our DHA preserves the maximum bioactivity, as we are the only company worldwide that biologically guarantees it through a Cellular Test of Bioactivity.